Toddler Loving Care Nursery School (TLC)
A Multicultural Toddler/Preschool
66 Walnut Street
Newtonville, MA  02460-1314
Telephone:  617.244.2375
169 Rice Road
Wayland, MA  01778-3303
Telephone: 508.358.3565
Copyright 2004 TLC Nursery School
" I wanted you to know that I have a lot of respect
for you for what you do. One kid, ten hours a day is
one thing. But ten kids, ten hours a day is another"
"It's hard to believe we've been together for
nearly eleven years! The greatest gift has been
the quality of care you've offered-your ability to
hire just the right teachers time after time is
"We still haven't found a daycare or preschool in Northboro...TLC
is a hard act to follow. It's hard to imagine a place giving so much
individual attention and positive reinforcement to kids as we
found at TLC"
"TLC has made a monumental
difference in our lives-an extension of
our family."
"We love you so much. Thanks for all your hard work and love you give
to children and their family. You are in our family forever."
Comments about the program
and the environment at TLC
"We love TLC! She adores the staff, her friends and
her school. We simply couldn't be happier you are all
doing a wonderful job. Thanks TLC!"
"I think my children blossom at TLC because the teachers take
the time to listen to them, understand then and appreciate them.
They feel cared for and comfortable at TLC which allow them to
grow and develop in the best possible way!"
"play centered, fun environment, parent inclusive"
"You do such interesting things with them, nurturing their curiosity, and
especially their sense of themselves as learners. These are two things I
wanted my child to get from pre-school: a love of learning, and a sense
of satisfaction in growing as a caring individual and as someone in
community with others. TLC provides both of those. I don't feel that
TLC second-best to staying home with Mommy and Daddy, but better.
It's a wonderful place for little ones to be, and adds a lot to their lives."
"Home away from home environment. Very clear rules and
"TLC provides an excellent environment
for the children. The fact that they
student-teacher ratio is low provides a
high learning experience and plenty of
"We also value the other families at TLC. TLC
seems like a large family and the continuity of
students and parents provides a sense of stability
and comfort."
"We love the physical environment at TLC-the way the interior
space is organized, the outer space and the access to neighborhood
amenities such as Gath pool. All of these provide a varied daily
experience that makes a big difference."
"As we've indicated, we're consistently impressed and pleased
with the quality of care and education we're seeing our child
receive. We love the place, the staff and other kids. TLC has
been a godsend for us, really."