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A mixed group is beneficial for all children involved. This environment works particularly well in
our program at TLC because of the small class sizes. The children receive more one-on-one guidance
and assistance when they need it. They feel secure to try new experiences because they know they
will have the support they need. Once children have learned the effective tools to communicate and
listen, they can be successful in a cooperative classroom environment.
Social and Emotional Skills
Have confidence in their abilities and like to try new experience.
Follow rules and directions in the classroom.
Physical Development
Demonstrate appropriate grip on pencils/markers.
Take part in games.
Literacy/ English Language
Ability to communicate feelings and experiences orally.
Recognize and write letters of the alphabet.
Concepts of numbers.
Simple addition.
Making predictions and observing.
Classifying objects into groups.
Social Studies
Safety, transportation, occupations, and community helpers.
Family, multicultural attitudes and school spirits.
Implementation of Mixed Age Curriculum
Research and our professional experience show that mixed age grouping can benefits all the
children involved. This is especially true for children who spend a majority of their time in an
extended-day setting.
-Children develop sibling-like bonds that foster care and concern for one another.
-Children are allowed to explore concepts and learn at a rate comfortable to them, and there is no
pressure to conform to a group.
-Promotes a good self-concept for every child, younger children enjoy receiving help from older
children while older children gain leadership skills and gain confidence in their abilities.
-Typically, each child is part of a group for at least two years. This way, they receive the benefits
of taking on the dependent and leadership roles respectively.
-The mixed age setting enhances the child's use of pro-social behaviors. Sharing, giving, turn taking
and showing concerns are more widely demonstrated in this setting.
Extra Curriculum Activities
Tae Kwon Do, Music Classes, Gymnastics, Creative Movements and In-house
events. (All extra curriculum activities are taught by professional educators
and requires additional fees)
Promoting global awareness is our objective for incorporating different
languages into our program at TLC
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