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Workshop Times & Location:
Wayland Workshops:
169 Rice Road, Wayland, MA
Workshop 1: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Workshop 2: 3:30 pm - 5:30pm

**Make-Up Workshops: Unless workshops are canceled by From 1 to Z Workshops Inc due to circumstances beyond our control
(Staff illness, inclement weather, etc.), children are expected to attend class on the scheduled day.  From 1 to Z Workshops Inc
cannot provide refunds or credits.  Missed Workshops can be made up within the
SAME week. Any workshops canceled by From 1 to
Z Workshops Inc will be made up.**:
Typical Workshop:
~Mini Group Introduction to topic followed by:
  • Kids in action-working in small groups/individually on
    projects related to topic introduced.
  • Reflection of our work-whole group shares what
    happened during the activity and shares their thinking &
    understanding of the topic(s). Children learn from one
    another as well as from being actively engaged in the

~Workshop groups range from 4-8 children at any given
time.  Each child's developmental skills and needs are
assessed and topics are introduced and taught based on
individual needs of each child.

      Workshop packet is $140.00
and consists of 4 workshop meetings
once a week.
*$10 registration fee for new enrollment (One-time fee) non-refundable.
A place where
children are
engaged in the
study of skills
"Math and Literacy Workshops for Young
5 to 7 years old
Writing with WORD blocks.
Creative WRITING.
Building with SHAPES.
Design my PATTERN.
Strategic PLANNING.