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Promoting global awareness is our objective for incorp orating different languages into our
program at TLC. Children are introduced to different languages through music, bilingual stories
and everyday directional phrases. Our goal is for children to gain an understanding that there
are many languages spoken through out the world and English is not the only language spoken in
the United States.

We celebrate the diversity within our program and invite parents/families into our classrooms
to share their cultural heritage with the children as much as possible. Celebrating traditions is
an integral part of our program and we find it to be an essential component of fostering
acceptance at an early age.

Concepts, Skills and Activities:
* Develop a global attitude.
* Enhance cognitive skills.
* Enhance communicative skills.
* Have fun with an array of vocabulary words.
*Sing/learn songs in different languages.
Multicultural Program
Making Pizza!
Making Sushi!
Dream Catchers!
Celebrating Thanksgiving!
Celebrating many holidays...